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Re: [tor-talk] What relay does really help the TOR project?

>> The past days I made some short tcpdump traces to find out what
>> people use TOR for. Well, it's kind of sad. A short analyse of the
>> hostnames gave me the result:

It's hard to abstract a top 10 list of hostnames seen into the
concept of discrete users, especially over shared medium like an
exit or NAT point. For example, a site full of href= / src= bling
could yield hundreds of tcp streams per page load of one user, not many.
A ton of bandwidth from one site could just be one user, not many.
And many streams to one site might be a background widget, not
actual clickstream of humans.

> One more point to note, please do not log or try to search for what
> users are using your exit for.

Burying your head in the sand and refusing analysis from which to
understand and speak correctly about your network doesn't really
help. I've no objection to exit node research. Only to flawed
research, which is just as bad as making claims without any research
to back them up. If you wish to have a no research policy, that's
fine too, know then you are in no position to say anything credible
regarding what the actual makeup is. Whether that makes the job
of defending and substantiating your network easier or more valid
is up for discussion.

> Anonymity loves company so by using the Tor network you are not only
> giving yourself a greater degree of privacy online, but helping those
> who depend on

Anonymity loves and needs a variety of anonymity and models tested,
not just one approach. Lots of love to follow and take part in out

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