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Re: [tor-talk] How to make TBB useable as "system Tor", as Tor, Vidalia, pluggable transports system level replacement?

On 01/24/2015 11:51 PM, Patrick Schleizer wrote:
> This feature wouldn't make anything worse for regular TBB users. Just
> those who would like to use it as "system Tor" would be free to do so.

Remember that every TB user that is identifiable because they don't go
with the flow is one less fish in the school.

>> Having other traffic (chat, email
>> client, etc.) routed through the same Tor instance would greatly
>> decrease the traffic anonymity.
> That's what additional SocksPort's and stream isolation are for.

At that point, why not just use a separate daemon?

I hope someone who was involved in making these decisions comments on
this. I don't see any need to make these changes, as they will only harm
the browser's anonymity.

Also, have you checked out the network settings in the Advanced tab of
TB's preferences? By default, it's configured to use its SOCKS proxy at If you need a different configuration for Whonix, maybe
you could just patch the browser config as needed? Being more explicit
about your ultimate goal would help.

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