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Re: [tor-talk] Torbirdy

Which is "worse" (assuming someone isn't worried about violence being directed at them): Using TorBirdy, or plain old SMTP?
Greg Norcie (gnorcie@indiana.edu)
PhD Student, Security Informatics
Indiana University

On 1/26/15 4:33 AM, Vignesh Prabhu wrote:

A few months ago, I seem to remember the general advice being not to
use Torbirdy. But I see the software was updated only a few months ago
so I assume it's in active development. Can I assume Torbirdy is safe
to use?
 From what I understand there are two main issues still pending which
might lead to compromise of user's identity and unless that is fixed, it
is not completely safe to use Torbirdy.

The issues are:

@Sukhbir, please correct me if I am wrong.


Vignesh Prabhu

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