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Re: [tor-talk] Torbirdy

On 2015-01-26 03:10, Cypher wrote:
Also, since the only
data leaked seems to be the local datetime, I'd think it's not a massive
concern since my local datetime is shared with a few million other people.

While true, the time*zone* is also mentioned, and timezones can be a more interesting kettle of proverbial fish. Timezone rules vary from region to region, and so upon observing the dates your DST rules apply, I might determine your country or geopolitical location more specifically then just a 1/24th slice of the planet (plus all those funky :30 zones)

More complicated is when you travel, if you update the timezone on your machine, this information is leaked too, so over time, your timezone information may actually reveal your travel to a very broad degree. Chances are that it would only take a very small number of cross-timezone trips for a gov't actor to correlate your timezone shifts with your travel itinerary, assuming such information is made available now or in the future.

For most people, it's probably not a major risk, but for those who's livelihood or freedom relies upon anonymity, this is just the sort of leak that Big Data can use.

Dave Warren

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