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Re: [tor-talk] Tor -> VPN Clarification


> Tor -> VPN

For this way, your real Internet requests will be made by your VPN server.
So you just expose directly your identity : given the IP the server at the 
other side will see, it’s possible to back to your VPN provider, and so on to 
your real identity (VPN logs, VPN auth, billing informations…).
Tor is not really usefull in this case.

> VPN -> Tor

On this way, you still have to provide billing infos or other to your VPN 
provider, so if VPN server is seized, your identity can be found. And all your 
data requests are available in clear form on the VPN server.
Tor not really protect your identity too.

So in both cases, just avoid VPN behind or in front of Tor.
(As always, depends of your threat model :D)


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