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[tor-talk] ISP CenturyLink Blocking Tor?

I have been at a close friend's house recently and his provider is CenturyLink (at home I use TimeWarner Cable). I tried to download Tor Tails (over BitTorrent) and the Internet literally dropped so I closed BitTorrrent, afterwards I launched the Tor Browser Bundle and then my computer was disconnected from the router and couldn't reconnect and no one at the house could access the Internet, we had to reboot the router to fix the issue. I then enabled Pluggable Transports (meet-google or something like that) and now I'm able to connect to Tor without any issues. This really concerns me as I was able to repeat the crash by launching Tor Browser Bundle and crash the router again.

This worries me as I can see a direct link (Launch Tor Browsre Bundle without Pluggable Transports) and (Router and Internet require Reboot). Could this be a form of censorship within the United States?

I will be returning home today but this is really worrying me as it could be a form of censorship within the United States.

Does anyone have any ideas or thoughts about this?

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