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Re: [tor-talk] ISP CenturyLink Blocking Tor?

nathaniel@moltennetworks.co.uk wrote:
[...] I then enabled Pluggable Transports  
(meet-google or something like that) and now I'm able to connect to  
Tor without any issues. This really concerns me as I was able to  
repeat the crash by launching Tor Browser Bundle and crash the router 


Did you try without using PT? Does this problem with connecting to Tor
directly also occur if you connect to a bridge directly. If they're
blocking Tor they should figure out the bridge is being used to access
Tor and you will shortly experience an offline/non-connectable bridge
or modem/router problem. It's also interesting you say you were
disconnected from the *router* -- what about everyone else. You might
be able to disable remote admin of router settings but that won't stop
them from resetting the device altogether (which might have the
symptom of appearing to be disconnected from the router).

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