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[tor-talk] New Tor-based private mail system: Confidant Mail

Confidant Mail is a new cryptographic email system based on GPG and TLS 1.2 with ephemeral keys. It has built-in support for Tor hidden service anonymity. You can send and receive files of unlimited length (>4GB) using BitTorrent-like blocking, and people without Tor can communicate with Tor anonymous users. All messages are signed and encrypted, and delivery is confirmed automatically. You can use your existing email address.

The software is available for Windows, Linux, and MacOS. It is open source. There is a pair of servers available, so you can start using it immediately. You can also run your own servers, optionally as a hidden service.

If you want a better secure and anonymous mail system, this is it. Please set up an account and try out the software.

Mike Ingle <mike@confidantmail.org> d2b89e6f95e72e26e0c917d02d1847dfecfcd0c2

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