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Re: [tor-talk] atlas / onionoo platform search?

Karsten Loesing:
> That's correct.  But I can see how this would be a useful feature.
> Want to create a ticket to add a new platform parameter to Onionoo?
> (Please mention on the ticket that the implementation is likely
> similar to the implementation of the contact parameter.)
> Once this is implemented (and I can't really say how soon that will
> be), you'll be able to use search strings like "foo platform:windows"
> in Atlas.  No further coding needed in Atlas.
> Oh, and maybe think about what other things people would want to
> search for in Atlas and Globe, and maybe even open tickets for those.

Do you want them in separate trac tickets or one with multiple new ways
to do searches? (since all of them are likely implemented similarly -
like contact lookups)

thanks for considering it.
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