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Re: [tor-talk] REAL-ID Internet Access Coming Soon

On Wed, 11 Feb 2015 23:35:03 -0800, grarpamp <grarpamp@gmail.com> wrote:
We're not talking about books and soapboxing today, class. We're talking
about "papers please" being required for everything you do. Including,
among other things, your internet access at home, mobile, in the library,
coffee shop and so on.

If the current trend of requiring govt slave papers for everything
continues apace I don't think this statement can be dismissed as alarmist.
Look at the inroads the control grid has made in the past 20 years, 40
year and over olds being carded to enter any place serving alcohol or buy
a goddamn beer, 'ID' to get on a plane, (now includes intercity buses and
trains), SSNs (Slave Surveillance Numbers) practically mandatory to obtain
a drivers license or open a bank account, license plate readers
everywhere, small planes flying overhead slurping and mapping yer wifi
device IDs, it would take me all night just to list all the new
surveillance bullshit we've been assaulted with during this time frame.

Today you can somewhat preserve your right to be
anonymous and bigdata free, by manipulating inputs to some of these
things. If you haven't noticed, that's become steadily harder over time.

I imagine 'they' are going to have to criminalize unlicensed encryption, wireless/SDR
etc to really nail you down, but after a few well targeted 'dem dere
terrists wuz fixin' on using X <demonized technology> to kill muhricans!'
psychological warfare ops everyone seeking privacy will be the subject of a
vicious witch hunt, after which just insert the well worn script of a rabid public foaming at the mouth and hell bent on revenge, just like after 9/11, the war drums will start beating again, people rounded up, nobody has learned a fucking thing. Clueless hordes of deranged
television-addled submitizen jackasses will be wildly cheering it all on,
maniacally deep-throating the big cock of the corporate media government
propaganda war machine, begging for a yet another massive load of disease ridden
yellow journalism, eyes bulging with out-of-body-experience ecstasy during
climax as they hungrily gulp down each injection of toxic lies, licking
the shaft hungrily for every last drop, eager for more, looking for the
next scapegoat to project their own pathological insecurities and fears
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