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Re: [tor-talk] Tor Browser Bundle with Chromium

Luis writes:

> What are the reasons that makes building a Tor Browser using Chromium
> not such a good idea? I recall reading somewhere that while making a Tor
> Browser with a Chromium base would have its benefits due to Chromium's
> superior security model (i.e. sandboxing), there are "serious privacy
> issues" that would have to be solved to make that possible.
> My question is what are those issues? What is preventing someone from
> digging out all the Google integration and possible privacy-endangering
> features and making a Tor Browser Bundle out of it?


I think that list is kept relatively up-to-date.

More generally, there are a lot of customizations in Tor Browser to turn
off or alter Firefox features that might identify a user (by making one
Tor user's browser look recognizably different from others) or might
bypass the proxy (causing the browser to send non-Torified traffic over
the Internet).

The Tor Project hasn't received a lot of help from the Chromium developers
on changes that would be important for making these customizations --
but with or without that help, they would be a lot of work in their own
right, just as they were a lot of work on the Firefox side.

You can read about some of the customizations in the Tor Browser design
document at


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