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[tor-talk] Obfsproxy: Multiple ServerTransportListenAddr lines & obfs4


I want Obfsproxy to listen on both IPv4 and IPv6 interfaces by using
the following lines in torrc:

ServerTransportPlugin obfs2,obfs3 exec /usr/bin/obfsproxy managed
ServerTransportListenAddr obfs2
ServerTransportListenAddr obfs3
ServerTransportListenAddr obfs2 [2001:xxxx::63:7572:6c79]:42862
ServerTransportListenAddr obfs3 [2001:xxxx::63:7572:6c79]:49991

I noticed, only the first line gets interpreted for each Obfsproxy
protocol. I can force to listen only on IPv6 by commenting out the
lines for IPv4, but I'd prefer to have a dual-stack bridge.

I don't remember having this behaviour the first time I installed an
Obfsproxy bridge. If I remember correctly, it worked previously, but
meanwhile it is broken.

Anyway, I just noticed, there is a new protocol, obfs4, but I don't
know anything about it. Should I adopt this new protocol? If so, how
can I do that? Is it already available in the DEB repository at
http://deb.torproject.org/torproject.org? What is the minimal Ubuntu
release for which it is available?

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