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Re: [tor-talk] Hi!

On 7 Apr 2015 02:08, "I" <beatthebastards@inbox.com> wrote:
> Did he say only?

He didn't use the word only, but he did only ask about malicious uses - "Do you guys mind if you tell
me some malicious uses with Tor?" - which doesn't exactly invite a balanced conversation does it?

> Do you know enough to add anything useful?

About specifically malicious uses? Probably nothing that he either won't already have or that others aren't better qualified to talk about. I do quite a lot with Tor, but I don't think any of it could be fairly labeled as malicious.

The point I was trying to make (admittedly badly) was that asking specifically about malicious uses on tor-talk is not particularly constructive. The likelihood of a genuinely malicious actor popping up and listing their behaviour is small.