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Re: [tor-talk] Meeting Snowden in Princeton

On 5/2/15, benjamin barber <barberb@barberb.com> wrote:
> This has been discussed in the past here, specifically with darpa / memex
> thread,

funding. check. (a hard problem for anybody!)

> and the pando saga,

mostly funding, disagreements over earth humans being decent to each other?

> and some documents submitted to UK parliment.

disagreements over earth humans being decent to each other?

> When tor and EFF "stand up against harassment",

earth humans being decent to each other? this is controversial?

> by supporting doxxing and harassment by their own members,

you are misrepresenting and you know it.

> who go on bigoted and discriminatory rants.

as one still perma-moderated on full-disclosure, i am sympathetic to
heated discourse against long ignored or under served ills of infosec.

i may regret many words, later,
 yet how are these the fault of anyone but myself?

> Kelly and Jacob agree that Tor isn't for misogynistic harassers, its only
> for victims of oppression by the kyiarchy, repeat it enough times maybe
> it'll be true.

NSA, FBI, CIA and other privacy antagonists use Tor. i may not like
it, but i don't fault Tor Project for it either.

do you have any legitimate disaffections?
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