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Re: [tor-talk] Meeting Snowden in Princeton

Benjamin Barber,

How can you watch the continual actions of Jacob and Roger, such as the CCC talks and so on, and miss their obvious, great commitment to their stated goals?


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> AFAIK i have never heard the explanation behind the onymous arrests, but
> when the TOR leadership associates with Randi Harper and Lorrelai.
> In the end, we're all known by the company that we keep. Tor members seem
> to be making alot of ties to government and telecom, and associates with
> people like randi harper and lorrelai as well.
> Like i said in a previous thread, i was working on building tor hidden
> services, and now I no longer care to help tor at all, i'd rather wash my
> eyes with bleach, nice concept but wrong team and wrong implementation.

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