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Re: [tor-talk] German University signs up 24 tor relays

I didn't say wondering about an anomaly is disrespectful. Assuming you
have the right bring their relay's to everyone's attention is
disrespectful. This is a network around privacy and anonymity
after-all. Isn't there a better way to start a witch hunt? Like
discovering relay's that do something wrong first? Who cares if they
don't have ContactInfo. It's not mandatory. Do you know how long these
relay were intended to stay up? What about the state of their
configuration? Are they complete? Was the operator intending to add
that information at a later time after changing the configuration.

It's like saying we know they've not read the manual and they are
intending ill-will. It's rude. Plain and simple.

Not to mention I see lots of relay without valid ContactInfo or
questionable ContactInfo.

I mean no disrespect. Seriously though; do you think every researcher
wants their relay's to be identified or linked to their research.
Because tor network is only filled with well-meaning people right?

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