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Re: [tor-talk] German University signs up 24 tor relays

Tor is not some private kingdom. It's an open application
used and operated by whoever for whatever. It is absolutely
the business of interested users to report, bring attention,
interrogate and make lists of relays to use, promote or badexit as
desired. And the business of relays to contactinfo, family, or
ignore them as they wish. And of people to sniff passwords, inject
malware, study traffic, researchers to research and others to have
interest, bandwidth to be donated, disruption and exploit to be attempted,
fileshare, illegal/legal use, promote best practices, etc. That's the nature,
strength and weakness of open apps. A free for all where people use
it as they wish, that's their purview, no police. You expect that, else you
didn't read the label. Nothing you can do about it. Deal with it or
create / fork
your own kingdom. Tor's certainly not the last / best iteration of an anonymity
network that there will ever be.
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