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[tor-talk] Work needing done, volunteer / comp'd [was: T-shirts]

> Who wants to volunteer to be the volunteer coordinator?
> Again, that is a genuine question. No one has stepped up to do it.

> Let's continue this discussion in a new thread.

Some of the work / roles / involvement / investment
often suggested on these lists is more ongoing / demanding
than writing up a few pages of doc, some patches, or a proposal
in casual free time or in secondary interest area of would be
yet generally qualified volunteers.
How would the Tor Project describe its interest in providing compensation
for those "volunteering" for its certain larger needs / desires?
Are securing something like "volunteer coordinator", "wikiweb maintainer",
"ticket triage" "feature implementor" "local talk giver" and so on benefit
from a little grease?
Whether mini contract $100-1k-5k, yearly subsistance $10-15k, so on?
Is that a slippery slope?

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