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Re: [tor-talk] German University signs up 24 tor relays

>relays are inherently public

Relays are a machine, an ip, a server, with a public relay descriptor.

You ISP has a similar descriptor for your CPE connected to their
infrastructure. So the ip you use is public without precaution. Does
that automatically make the association of you with that ip an
enforced public policy. Maybe for your ISP or government. Not on tor

If you really want to single out operator, or researcher, for missing
some non-mandatory data, like some tor nanny, you better be prepared
for consequences. Here I thought the policy was to create advocates
not enemies. All I'm saying is if a researcher at a university
registers some relay without contact that doesn't make them suspect.
Get some proof then the discussion is a moot-point. Just because some
past event happened (US-CERT, Black Hat Conference) doesn't give you
the right to force disclosure. Don't play coy. Forcing disclosure is
exactly what happened. Don't post some blog entry about being against
harassment then stalk or harass a researcher for not being proactive
to your comfort level.

You should be grateful for their work, not self-righteous. What the
hell do you think? The university pays for the relays and doesn't have
a code of conduct for student activity using university resource? That
code of conduct somehow doesn't apply to this graduate or their
mentor? Exactly how much work have you done with a university because
it sounds like none.

That's my 2c. 

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