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[tor-talk] What is wrong with TOR, or with me??

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Le 07/05/2015 08:08, Rene Clubmicro a écrit :
Good morning,

I try, whenever possible to use TOR rather than the standard Firefox but this morning I found out that something may be wrong when I tried to get to the following Web site: http://www.stox-office.com/eurodollar.htm and when TOR issued an error message. As a consequence I tried to access the same site with Firefox and that work fine. Suspecting a transient error I tried again with TOR but it didn't work better the second and the third time. Attached you will find a one page PDF file with the screen copies of Firefox and TOR to illustrate my point. I am sure you may have a good explanation for that incident and I may have done something wrong.

I thank you in advance for your reply and wish you a great day

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