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Re: [tor-talk] Friendly LAN bridge -- bad idea?

On 5/8/15, l.m <ter.one.leeboi@hush.com> wrote:
>> There may be other security implications of a shared Tor client.
> Such as
> 1. All users that share a tor client also share a threat model. The
> tor configuration is shared. This may not be an ideal property.
> 2. If one user of the shared tor client breaks the process--it's
> broken for all others. Which is to say a bug, exploit, failure will
> affect all users simultaneously.

there are also stream isolation concerns, see options
 IsolateClientAddr, IsolateSOCKSAuth, IsolateClientProtocol,
IsolateDestPort, IsolateDestAddr, etc.

better to have each client run their own Tor, and a router / gateway
which can tell Tor Launcher a specific bridge or PT for Tor network
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