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Re: [tor-talk] Making a Site Available as both a Hidden Service and on the www - thoughts?

>>Oh, there are many, *many* more reasons to have an onion site for
your website than just that. :-)

Such as? A hidden service is by definition hidden. So if you're
willing to have both a HS-front and www-front, how is it that it's not
the only consideration. A tor exit hides the client-origin so besides
the usual e-peen statement that .onion is superior __because__. None
of it matters. As the operator you'll experience complexity, nothing
you wouldn't experience anyway. How did the choice to deploy both HS
and www become about reasons? There are no reasons, none against
anyway. Only consideration of the deployment complexity.

That's like saying a name service for onions is superior to a petname
system. When in truth the statement induces two completely different
objectives. Reasons is not equal to deployment complexity. The title
says "making a site available ass both a HS and WWW". I choose to
ignore the deployment complexity and roll-my-own solution, not ask for
reason for why I might want both.

tl;dr - I agree, it would be great for everyone who has both a www and
HS for a site to use the same methods of solving deployment issues.
Makes it easier to target. Oh, btw, when was the last time facebook
was in the news for privacy violations--yesterday? An onion bought FB
exactly what?

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