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Re: [tor-talk] Making a Site Available as both a Hidden Service and on the www - thoughts?

> Are you doing anything the maximise the effect that (say) a ban based on
> IP can have?

Ah, I see - I mistook your intent, please let me clarify:

From a threat perspective we basically treat our onion site like an large web proxy with a mix of (by far the majority) normal and (remainder) malicious activity emanating from it.

There are a bunch of such proxies "out there" on the net anyhow - e.g.: any Tor exit node - so having one more is not a big deal.

The "rewrite the onion to a 169.254/*" is a book-keeping measure so that we don't have to special case either RFC-1918 or publicly routable IP addresses in our stack.

We don't use the onion's virtual IP for any sense of "session" management.

> Have you made any changes lower down (similar to the patch str4d posted,
> i guess) so that you can do it on a per-circuit basis (making things a
> little harder)

We are currently running a vanilla tor daemon binary.  No mods, no magic, basic config.

>> I agree that sometimes it’s overkill.  I’m okay with an occasional bit
>> of overkill in this area.
> It depends, here's a massively oversimplified example
> [...]
> Switch to HTTPS.
> Every 300 requests, the connection is still torn-down by the origin but
> now you have to redo your SSL handshake etc. With VoD that's once every
> 600 seconds (as you only need to retrieve the manifest once).


That's a really interesting example, thank you! Food for thought...

> the point I'm trying to make is that people tend to assume that the
> traditional overhead of SSL is largely negated by the power of the
> systems we use now, but there are definitely areas where that assumption
> might be incorrect.


Our approach so far has been to "just try it and see what works" - and then measure and fix the issues later, in-situ.

There have been far fewer issues than we expected. :-)

    - alec

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