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Re: [tor-talk] Making a Site Available as both a Hidden Service and on the www - thoughts?

>> If you accept payments by certain methods
>> (non-anonymous) your liability skyrockets 
>> when those payments are issued using the onion. 

>There you go, there's a reason against.

Incorrect. It's a reason to not accept those payment methods from the

>>I'd be curious whether you can find a post where I asked for
>>I've certainly been given examples (and I'm definitely not
>>about that), but you seem determined to paint it as though I'm
>>to have someone give me the full set up for this - to re-iterate,

I didn't say you asked for examples. I said you only consider by
example. Which you just did. But that's besides the point. You plan to
deploy on a locally run user site yet you claim to be conscious of
breaking the production server. It does not follow.

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