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Re: [tor-talk] Use of TOR for illegal activities

Paul A. Crable:
> I have just finished Macdonald's "Future Crime", a recent book listing the
> ways in which we are all abused and insulted, and will be further abused

Not *we*. You. You felt somewhat like that. And you badly need to start
a revolt. Most probably your name was not even mentioned in the book.
But that is not a reason to stop a Holy War. Pretty much like the aholes
going against selling of contraceptives because *I will never use it*.

> and insulted, by unsavory persons and organizations through our
> technology, particularly through the Internet.  It makes sobering reading.

Oh. You're a prophet too? Not just a concerned user?

Hopefully there won't be many people biting into this bait to buy a two
bit book *to see for myself*.

> TOR is mentioned frequently, but the references are primary to its use by
> criminals to carry out illegal activity, such as the Silk Road incident.

That contradicts the above statements.

> This ties in somewhat to a recent posting on this list claiming that 2/3's
> of the activity on TOR is involved in pornography.

I remember some posts in the last say seven years coming up with the
same numbers. Just repeating it does not make it right.

And what's the fuss with porn? Are you afraid Jesus, Mohammed or
whomever will punish your eternal soul for sharing a network with people
who watch porn?

> I suppose I sound like a disapproving fussbudget, but I have trouble
> understanding how and why we allow TOR to be used this way.  I'm all for
> free speech, but it's still illegal to falsely yell "Fire!" in a crowded
> theater.

Oh! A judge too. Quite a lot of qualifications for someone who cares so
much about porn!

> Is there some way to keep TOR out of the hands of sleazebags and crooks?
> Paul

No Paul, if Paul is your name, because the mail list owner can not tell
in advance that you think like that and deny subscription. And even if
the admin could be a prophet like yourself, what is the point? You can
always go some place else and start TheSkyIsFalling-l


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