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Re: [tor-talk] Use of TOR for illegal activities

Henrik Lund Kramshøj:
> First, a society with NO CRIME would be a terrible idea. Since this
> would require 1984 to be fully implemented, and such a dystopian
> society would consist of slaves.

It's funny how people reference books without even bothering to read. In
1984 crime is rampant. Not only the main characters are involved in
illicit activities, but the Part has to have an investigative branch
just to curb this.

Also the use of the word slaves is just to make an emotional statement.
Would slaves be aware of their slave status once ALL are in the same
position? A society of slaves… slaves to what? Abrahamic rethorics have
more than a millennia of pointing how people are slaves to money,
fashion whatever and the only solution is accepting to be a slave for
the preacher's own imaginary friend.

> So some crime is to be accepted in a modern society - especially
> victimless crimes like marijuana use should be revisited and laws
> should be changed ASAP. - one europol chief once said about 3% of a
> population are potential criminals

Who? When? Where? Based on what?

> and what is crime?

Crime is what the one/ones in power deem unacceptable.

> You mention pornography, and in my country Denmark it is legal - and
> so is free speech in other countries around the world we see lots of
> problems even with blogging - which quickly lands you in jail or
> punished harshly. One recent example is Raif Badawi
> https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Raif_Badawi

Using the same site I come up with "Freedom of speech and freedom of the
press in Denmark"[1]:

>> The major punishable acts are child pornography, libel, blasphemy,
and hate speech/racism, which are restricted by the Danish penal code.
Like most other countries, Denmark also forbids publishing classified
material harmful to state security, copyright-protected material without
permission and revealing trade secrets in the civil law.

I have nothing against you. I do not even know you. I have never been to
Denmark. And I admired the king when he refused to interfere with the
press freedom. But Denmark, like any other country, is far from the free
speech. Let's say the speech is more free there than in other places.


> So yes, we should DEFINITELY combat crime like child abuse - and
> please call it what it is! - but disabling, blocking, censoring,
> changing Tor would probably NOT help, since you would at the same
> time have to break things like ordinary VPN.

Child abuse is common in what is generally known as "the civilized
world". An adult, ANY adult can shout at a child, can hit a child, can
be brutal, violent, aggressive, dominant. Children are bodily harmed
from a very young age ranging from mutilation, sedentarism, and bad
eating habits. Sometimes it can be not only fun to play jokes on the
children, but it can be mandatory: do that or you will burn in hell for
an eternity. How about theocracies or the places where having a prepuce
or clitoris is a sure way to be excluded from schooling?

> without getting to much into politics we see bankers killing the
> world for profit, and the results are fracking, hunger, ... and we
> see politicians and FBI heads talking about surveillance of ordinary
> people - that have done nothing wrong.

So there were demons. Now they are bankers. And they do crazy rituals
for reaping souls. That turned into excel pages and profits. After the
uncertainty of the 19th century christianity seems to be back stronger
than ever, only with a small change of vocabulary.

Not even the fairy tales with the bankers are new. Good
christians/muslims can not touch interest. Only the local temple, be it
a church of morsque. Jews were allowed to do next to nothing. Even
ownership was restricted without a baptismal certificate. So helping the
economy thrive by giving credit was one of the last things they can do
besides than lying in the road waiting to die. This way a smart move
assuring the survival of the individual and his family becomes the
capital sin of not dying fast enough. After the Holocaust, it is less
acceptable to say Jew. So let us say banker. *Everybody knows Jews own
the banks* anyway.

Back to reality. Banker is also the nice teller who is doing overtime to
feed the children. The teller has to accept the strict banking dress
code. And the hippie across the street, getting a nice tan in shorts and
sandals, can feel superior to *them drones*.

> To me it is clear that allowing at least Tor traffic through my
> networks I am enabling a more fair discussion, and allows good things
> to happen.

That is true.

> It still makes me sad though that bad things happen, and some of
> those are using the Tor network and my server.

Bad. Haram. Unkosher. Terms that mean precisely NOTHING. A heroin dealer
sells bad shit. The same person is bad to the dealer next door, evil to
the concerned mother of three living some 200km away and good to the own
children who will be independent enough to have a chance to escape the
world of heroin dealing. The same action is bad for the person ODing, is
bad for the Ambulance, yet it is good for the cops and politicians that
can show the dramatic increase in criminality. It can be a divine gift
to the legislator who can give tougher laws to protect the People.

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