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[tor-talk] Use of TOR [sic] for illegal activities

First, the author of "Future Crime" is Marc Goodman, not MacDonald as I
erroneously reported.

Second, thanks for the thoughtful replies.  Your points about avoiding
censorship are well taken.  I really can't think of any way to separate
the wheat from the chaff without some form of censorship.  I'd support
censorship if I was in charge of it, but I doubt most others would go
along with my idea.  So I guess we must leave things as they are, flawed
as they may be.

I believe that the founding fathers inserted freedom of speech in the
Amendments to allow people to speak their mind on political issues without
fear of retribution.  I think they'd be surprised at the purposes to which
it is being used today.

I have spoken; all depart.
Paul A. Crable.  Portland, Ore.  U.S.A.

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