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Re: [tor-talk] Use of TOR [sic] for illegal activities

The more appropriate question would be "How much of Tor traffic is porn
Imagine you are living in a country without free speech and arbitrary
rules for arousing content of willing and adult performers, like Iran or
Great Britain. Now imagine you are a non-fancy common lad, you have no
desire to have discussions about hacking airplanes, overthrow a
goverment by revolution or how to build nuclear bombs.
If you are a boring common man, your set of "things banned in my
country" and "things I want" is pretty small, in fact it will only
contain adult pornography, download of copyrighted media and social media.
Let's take a look at copyrighted media, atm the most common blocking
technique is blocking the IP of the torrent tracker, circumvented by
downloading the .torrent file from somewhere else or using DHT.
Social media consumes less traffic and is only blocked in countries with
limited mass surveilance expertise, Five-Eyes countries have no need to
block social media as they are thoughtfully monitoring it.
You are left with streaming porn which somehow was deemed "unsafe" in
your country.

You can't assume onion service lookups mirror the usage of Tor, noone
hosts adult porn on onion services, noone hosts warez on onion services
and until recently noone hosted social media on onion services.

You need to slip in the role of the common internet user, the type of
internet user who needs it solely for consuming. He doesn't want to
learn things, he doesn't want to discuss things, he simply wants to
watch Game Of Thrones and wank to Brazilian Fart Fetish porn after it
was deemed not-okay by the Ministry of Okay Sex Fetishes of Great Britain.

justsayin@ruggedinbox.com wrote:
>> Is there some way to keep TOR out of the hands of sleazebags and crooks?
> I ask this myself often when I see people with mobile phones taking
> intruding pictures of strangers for their amusement without regards to
> other peoples privacy rights.
> Is there some way to keep MOBILE PHONES with CAMERAS out of the hands of
> sleazebags and crooks?
> I don't buy that 2/3's of activity on Tor is involved in pornography.
> I think with activity on Tor you mean such involving onion services and
> with pornography such content that is forbidden in most countries.
> There is a list of about 4100 known onion services, and from the titles of
> these sites I assume there are less than 1% pornography related.
> And I think like the creators of these services the consumers might split
> up into similiar proportions.
> You may enjoy this:
> www.forbes.com/sites/julieruvolo/2011/09/07/how-much-of-the-internet-is-actually-for-porn/
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