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Re: [tor-talk] Quantum Insert detection for everyone

Hi tor-talk,
Hi Chris,

I've finally fixed all the false positive bugs in honeybadger (as far
as I know!).
I've updated the docs here with a few additional usage considerations
that Tor exit operators might find helpful:


If a TCP attack is detected then honeybadger will write json attack
reports to the logs directory. If the CLI option
-metadata_attack_log=false is set then the attack logs will contain
base64 blobs... and so this is not a human readable format which is
why I created the honeybadgerReportTool which makes it VERY easy to
see the injected data with it's color coated hex dump diff output:


Please feel free to write me on or off list to ask any question you
may have about how honeybadger works or how to use it.



> I run a US-based exit node and would be interested in a way to run this
> software without compromising the users exiting my node. Looking forward to
> your additional writeups - especially anything geared towards exit nodes and
> quantum insert detection.
> -Chris
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