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Re: [tor-talk] SOCKS proxy to sit between user and Tor?


Is the Socks-to-Socks proxy absolutely necessary? This could be done
as a browser plugin couldn't it? You might find the work of the
FreeSpeechMe team interesting. They have the objective of integration
with tor which sounds a lot like what you describe. It's probably not
vetted to your standards (yet) but the source may be a start for

Would I be correct in saying this offers an alternative over OnioNS in
that it:
- requires downloading the blockchain, so will not leak statistics
associated with lookups
- can be extended to a general petname system which maps personally
chosen identifiers to known onion properties

On that note: what are the advantages of namecoin (.bit to .onion)
over a petname system (id to .onion) or OnioNS?


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