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[tor-talk] CloudFlare one site, multiple domains problem


There is a forum website I frequent in Tor Browser that uses two
CloudFlare domains. One (say "example.com") is the main website, and the
other (say "example.org") provides static content such as images and

A CloudFlare CAPTCHA is almost always presented when accessing
example.com. After completing it, example.com loads fine, but all
requests to example.org get a 403 response (as observed in Network tab
of Developer Toolbar). The result is the forum is unusable. Strangely,
if I manually enter any of the individual example.org URLs that received
a 403 response in the same tab, they load fine (200 response).

Has anyone encountered this problem? If so, is there a good workaround?
Usually I switch Tor circuits until I get one that does not block

Unfortunately I cannot share the website as doing so could identify me.
Also, I have been unsuccessful getting the administrator to whitelist
Tor (e.g., by using recently publicized GitHub script).

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