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[tor-talk] INTRODUCE2 cells are not forwarded by introduction points


I am encountering a significant number of failures in establishing
circuits to hidden services. Client-Rendezvous-Server circuit
construction fails because a hidden service's introduction point does
not forward INTRODUCE2 cells to the origin of the hidden service. I
observe 'rend_client_introduction_acked()' in the logs on the
client-side but there is no corresponding
'rend_service_receive_introduction()' in the logs on the server-side.
In this time period the server considers HSSI circuits to the
introduction points to be working as expected and these circuits are
not torn down.

These cells can be dropped by an intermediate node in the HSSI
circuit. However, this is not the this case as the same behavior was
observed when server was setup using 1-hop circuits for HSSI.

Is this behavior of introduction points normal (because of high load)?
Or, is it the case that these introduction points are exhibiting
malicious behavior?

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