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Re: [tor-talk] Russia actually kind of cracked (?) Tor

It's not like western LI. LI means there is order which ISP execute. In
SORM there is no such thing, just some black box with full traffic
mirrored on it installed at every ISPs with direct link to FSB (other
agencies get access mostly via FSB, but some install their own SORM). I
said, it's very similar to country-wide NarusInsight, or to much broader
Tempora. BTW that boxes not only intercept traffic, but also store and
analyze it.

I recommend you read The Red Web by Andrei Soldatov and Irina Borogan,
it describe Russian surveillance in details.

> Looks to me like average lawful interception seen in the west, except
> crypto is excluded. In no way this can count as mass surveliance.
> Anton Nesterov wrote:
>> System of technical facilities aimed to providing functions of Operative
>> Investigative Operations, it's a Russian mass surveliance system
>> simuliar to NarusInsight, but with all-country coverage.
>> https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SORM
>> I:
>>> What does SORM stand for?
>>> Robert

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