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Re: [tor-talk] TBB ExcludeNodes List, where is

On 27/12/17 12:51 PM, Fernando Fernández Mancera wrote:
> Hi,
> about point 2 if I am not wrong, in your tor browser path you should find
> the torrc file that it uses.

Not shown in manual but if you have TBB check at


ExcludeNodes isnt in there by default but you can add it.

> El 27 dic. 2017 6:44 p. m., "Andre Wingor" <andrewingor AT gmail.com> escribió:
> As you advised, I began to use the TBB sometimes
> 10x, good tools, although it doesn't always work correctly in the
> interfaces of GoogDocs
> 1) "tor.exe" in the task list is no security on public terminal. Can I
> hide (rename) that?

You could rename that but you might have to fix references to it in
other scripts.

You cannot hide from websites you go to that you are using Tor, however.

> 2) I wanna use ExcludeNodes of my torrc (i'm paranoic :o)
>     And can't find this option in Tor Network Setting
>     Would you teach me
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