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[tor-talk] Tor Transparent Setup

I'm new to Tor (and pseudo-new to Iptables), but not a unix newbie (started
in '88) - however, I've literally spent the last 24 hours trying to get the
few complete and/or relevant HowTo's I could find for Tor/IPTables/CentOS to
work - without success.  

I'm trying to implement a transparent proxy on a CentOS 6.5 machine that I'm
going to use as a desktop.  I don't want to use the Tor Browser, but would
rather have then "entire" system Tor'd (I realize there are leak
potentials).  I have a static public IP I am using directly on this single
network port machine.  

With a default IPTables config, and no Tor installed/configured, I can ping
the internet and browse without issue.

This tutorial:


My system doesn't like the Tor configuration, but the IPTables script seems
to run correctly.  After editing resolv.conf to, DNS does not
resolve (hangs), so that appears to be a bust.

I pulled the Tor config from this one:


but their IPTables config doesn't seem to hold after restart.  Using their
Tor config with the previous IPTables script seems most complete (everything
starts without failures, logs look happy), but still no DNS resolution

Other tutorials I've found have depreciated config options, or are for
different Linux versions, and that seems to create problems.  I did finally
figure out that SELinux had to be uninstalled to get past some config file
permission access issues, but other than that, every time I try to connect
to check.torproject.org, it says "sorry" if it can resolve at all.

Anyone know of a good, current set of tutorials that works?  I'd really
appreciate the help.  The Tor website doesn't seem to have any examples that
are updated, or that I can get to work or are relevant.  It does seem like
everyone is saying "it's simple, just do this" but copy/pasting their stuff
doesn't work (I do change the machine IP in scripts as needed).  And it
really does seem like it should be simple, as there are only a couple ways
to use it, and a couple options to set.

CentOS 6.5 build (core i7, Tor yum installed, fully yum updated)
Tor (EL6)
Iptables 1.4.7-16

I also tried a CentOS 7.x build, but had no luck there either (similar


Jeff Newman

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