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Re: [tor-talk] Need Tor service to use tor browser?

The Tor Browser Bundle (TBB) should give you everything you need to get up-and-running on a Desktop/Laptop/Server.

On 12/1/17 11:40 AM, G. Sebastián Pedersen wrote:

before anything, excuseme for ask such a beginners question.
But I realized that I a confused about something, and sice I recently trying to stay more anonymous online, it happens to directly concern this.

So, I download tor browser, and I'm running arch linux, do I need to install tor to use tor browser in order to do things right?

That's confusing me a lot. Moreover when I switch to my phone and find out that in order to use orfox you need to install orbot.

I know is a silly question, but if someone could brigme some light and put things togheter in the right order, I'll really appreciatte.


G. Sebastián Pedersen

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