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Re: [tor-talk] Is there a limit to how many .onion addresses I can generate/advertise/use for one hidden service?

> On 17/11/2017 05:51, Cyberpotato wrote:
>> Is there any sort of limit (artificial, performance, or otherwise) to the number of hidden service descriptors or .onion addresses i can generate and/or use to access a single hidden service? The use case would be to generate a unique .onion address/descriptor for each user of a hidden service. If i were to generate and advertise/introduce, let's say 500 (or more) unique hidden service descriptors, would there be any issue with that? Is building & maintaining that many circuits practical or possible?
> Yes, it's possible but Tor will crash:
> https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/ticket/15251

I've created 200 hidden services before and it worked, but I didn't
have much load (incoming connections). If you did this, you would
probably want to run more than one tor process anyway for load
balancing--AFAIK, each tor process is essentially single-threaded, so
if you have 10 cores on your computer, you might want to run 10 tor
processes, each with a different DataDirectory and SOCKSPort, and with
50 hidden services.
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