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Re: [tor-talk] New report: How Pakistan blocked news outlets, social media sites, and IM apps amidst protests

> Pakistan, we confirmed the DNS-based blocking of:

IMHO, the DNS it was very bad idea, it is very big hole. Particularly
hampered by its global status in all OSes: management by only
superuser. Local user can't change the service, even can't create own
hosts in the windows. Why?!

As a result, even a personal smartphone need to be hacking (rooted) to
have protection by ISP. And the tools available for this are highly
questionable, they are rather trojans.

On the public terminals I can use the torus (lot of 10x), can hide
information in crypts, but the host on which I get through a
super-secret torus easy can be a mirror of real with MITM by simple

Even for rooted devices the DNSSEC is not a good decision. Like VPN,
it is easily monitored and blocked or sabotaged (jamming is put on the
connection), forcing the inexperienced user to stop unwanted
experiments (I saw that).

The DNS must be use through Tor. It maybe special service inside
(include) the Tor.
For more satisfaction.
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