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Re: [tor-talk] Google Goes Full Retard Against Tor

On November 11, 2017 5:09:02 AM PST, x9p <tor AT x9p.org> wrote:
>> Google has been an an antiprivacy monetizing asshole
>> denying Tor users access to its search engine nearly
>> every single time, forcing them all to perform slave labor
>> time and time again five or more sets in a row, for no good
>> reason, and further often outright failing to let them pass
>> upon completion, while literally hundreds of millions of clearnet
>do all sorts of egregious nasty things with google on
>> clearnet everyday.
>its a capitalist world, it has good and bad aspects. your gmail.com
>mailbox is a good aspect of google.
>> And just now google threw up a captcha for Youtube.
>> This will of course break all sorts of video players.
>> And chill consumption and publishing of free speech
>> and research and information, humour, etc.
>> Expect this to be the new norm for them before long.
>its possible to try to boycott it, what about vimeo policy on Tor? Or
>setting up a crowdfunding project to make all YT videos available via
>HS, replicating all youtube content to Tor users, captcha-free?, saying
>big fuck you to all licenses.
>> Fuck Google.
>Fuck google for the annoying captchas, information collecting, NSA
>partnership (forced by subpoenas or money-driven). God bless google for
>Project zero and gmail inboxes, and Google drive. Internet dichotomy.

Storing your data in a third party service without end-to-end encryption is far worse from a privacy standpoint than not using Tor. I see no dichotomy here.

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