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Re: [tor-talk] Google Goes Full Retard Against Tor

On 11/11/17, grarpamp <grarpamp AT gmail.com> wrote:
> denying Tor users access to its search engine nearly

That may be the result of the wrecking of the specials to impede the
existence of the Tor. I noticed that when I forbid nodes with
suspicious behavior, I have to torment the captcha much less often.

Try to create your's blacklist. You can see entry nodes here
http://www.nirsoft.net/utils/cports.html and exit nodes in
useragent.me or gmail account activity.

I also have serious claims to Google. He couldn't fix broken by bots
my ads in AdGoogle. He gives access to the security of China and
Russia to the stuff of the little me. He didn't hire me and didn't buy
any of my code.

But here's all of my stuff in the inet hosted by him. I have access to
my mailbox and gdrive through Tor.

> Fuck Google.

Wow, it google translated correct, bravo :-))

> The internet needs to move on from this evildoing company.

We need be patient. Anyone has right to the court.

If not Pootin, aahhhhm, The Google, then whom? :)
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