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Re: [tor-talk] What is mean "Guard context default"

> of config knobs you can turn, but you're probably not helping yourself
> by this kind of setup.

Yes. I had some troubles to looking for simple and good turning of torrc
1st of all, it is a bad English :-)

> your exit. The ExcludeExitNodes config option does not affect your
> guard choice.

Yes. I changed ExcludeExitNodes to ExcludeNodes and all is well run
Sorry, folks

> Part of the strength of Tor is the variety of possible points your traffic
> might traverse, which makes it hard for an attacker to predict where on
> the Internet they need to watch.

In my case, the (ff)attacker is owner of public computers. I've no
private device.
I've no admins rights. I'm under watching. I'm trying to earn some
money by programming. First time, I was illegally banned. Now, after
scandal, they interfere, they track. Not only in the inet.

> are not in the Ukraine. One is in Germany:

I've got it, thanks, I'll use it

> history that you're logging in via Chrome? If you're at all under threat,

Chrome and Opera looks better. Working faster. I working with google
apps engine now, only Chrome has everything what I need for.

I using Tor Button extension or the Privoxy. It's working good.

Lot of thanks for all advice

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