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Re: [tor-talk] Improved sharing of .onion links on Facebook!

On 15 Jun 2017 19:34, "Alec Muffett" <alec.muffett AT gmail.com> wrote:
> Doubtless haters gonna hate, but Will at Facebook just shipped
> thumbnail-generation and protocol-mismatch interstitials for Onion
> addresses:
> https://www.facebook.com/notes/facebook-over-tor/improved-sharing-of-onion-links-on-facebook/1196217037151681/

From TFA

> The message enables people to find out more about Tor and - for hidden services which have opted in - helps visit the service's equivalent regular website.

Pity this wasn't a link to, or a reference to how to do so included. I'd have no issue with opting some of my multi-homed sites into that, but I'm not so bothered that I can be arsed to google around for information that probably exists, if anywhere, on a single page.

Considering this and the FB reputation about privacy violations, I even suspect that they are making lists of people using TOR!

Quite possibly, but my experience has been they're not actually quite as good at the tracking as they'd like to be. I had to test a foreign app for work, which I signed into using my facebook account. Now, even when completely signed out of Facebook, any link I follow to facebook will result in the navigation elements being in a language from the other side of the earth that I can't even begin to read.

I've still not quite worked out how they've tagged me as being from that particular country, given that it even happens in incognito mode. I suspect it's probably based on my IP though, as I've a static one at home, and if I tproxy the same browser over tor it doesn't happen.

I don't use Facebook much, if at all, so it's more of an amusement on the odd occasion I follow a link than an annoyance, but it does show how a single action can throw even the most basic of their datasets right off.