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Re: [tor-talk] Any risk by showing traffic statistic on the DirFrontPage?

> We've now discussed this and we have decided that we want to show
> some of the public data (uptime, fingerprint, version etc...) and
> also the amount of traffic the relay has sent through measured in GB.
> We fetch this data from our libreNMS API. This set of data will be
> updated each 5 minutes. Does this sounds safe?

For me it doesn't sound safe if you're going to update data with 5m
interval. E.g. see ticket #13988 [1].
How about embedding/redirecting to the Atlas page or writing your custom
plotter/page that fetches data from Onionoo? It should be safe since
this data is collected in a way to preserve anonymity of Tor users. If
it doesn't prevent anonymity degradation it can be fixed. And when it
got fixed I is fixed for everybody.
I'm sure it's not a good idea to do your own statistics and you should
rely on what tor collects.

[1] https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/ticket/13988
Ivan Markin
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