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[tor-talk] IPv6 /48 for OnionCat

I see in the OnionCat wiki:[0]

| We map every unique .onion URL to a unique IPv6 address in
| deterministic reversible manner. ... We generated the static
| IPv6 prefix FD87:D87E:EB43::/48 according to ​RFC4193 ... Now
| we can map e.g. 5wyqrzbvrdsumnok.onion directly to
| FD87:D87E:EB43:edb1:8e4:3588:e546:35ca.

Is it possible to specify a different /48? I understand that would break
routing from stock OnionCat. But that's actually the goal. Could one
perhaps tweak the source?

[0] https://www.cypherpunk.at/onioncat_trac/wiki/OnionCat

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