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Re: [tor-talk] tor / 2.8.6 connecting to

>In this case, it's likely that GetAdaptersAddresses failed to return any addresses, >and to the UDP socket
>hack is being used to find the client IP address. To confirm this, please check >the info-level logs for
>messages like:

>Unable to load iphlpapi.dll
>Unable to obtain pointer to GetAdaptersAddresses
>GetAdaptersAddresses failed 

after setting Log info or log debug stdout.. i didnt get any info for the adapters. tor connects to the network and only
references with "Notice"

"[Notice] Opening Socks listener on"

"DisableIOCP 0/1" wont push away tor connecting to 18... either but i tried just in case to see if the behavior from
IOCP networking API would affect the connection.

>Tor clients generate a new SSL certificate each time their IP address changes - >this makes sure they
>can't be tracked across different networks. 
>Tor uses two methods to find the address, GetAdaptersAddresses and the "UDP >socket hack": asking
>the machine the local address of a UDP socket. For the hack to work, the socket >has to be associated
>with a public IP address. Tor never sends data on the socket, it's entirely safe to >block it with your
>firewall. Tor's just using it to check if your local address has changed.

yes blocking the ip does the trick for the fw while tor connects to the network.

thank you for the explanation.
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