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Re: [tor-talk] New relays and bridges.

On 24.08.16 15:20, eliaz wrote:
On 8/21/2016 3:59:42 PM, laurelai bailey (laurelaistorm@gmail.com) wrote:
Since some folks have declined to offer their services in this department i
thought it might be a good idea to start outreach to get more bridges and
relays setup. Ill be setting one up myself and encouraging others to do the
same across various platforms.
Good luck.  the Tor Browser is a very user friendly *client* interface.
But when tor.exe got integrated into the Tor browser, windows users (at
least me) have not been able to set up relays.
I would like to use a TBB version without the Tor daemon integrated. It's so easy to install and run the Tor daemon on Linux, but TBB makes life hard.
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