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[tor-talk] TBB: Rixstep 30MB "steaming faeces"

A separate thread to pull in mentions from other tor subthreads.

Rixstep seems to be making the point to remember watch your
code and execution, not only during normal times, but during intense
times when you're more easily distracted from malfeasance slipping in.
Other than that, and it not really being links to more general developments
and directions in overall tor news for interested parties, balance,
journalism, transparency, discussion, or whatever,
Rixstep does seem better thought of and handled as a bug report.

So determine...
1) Is anything sensitive [1] being written to disk, perhaps in the
sqlite files that Rixstep listed, or remaining in slack space?
2) Is evidence of simple usage being written to disk, or remaining
in slack space?

If either of those bother you, fix it.
Or work around it with another layer like disk crypto.

Source of the subject thread references, with list of files...

[1] History, cookies, auth, meta, data...
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