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Re: [tor-talk] sadly have to shut down my tor relay after less then 24 hours

Sarah Alawami:
> Hello to all. Sadly I have to shut down my tor relay after less then 24 hours, as I received a copyright violation and I don't want any network restrictions  placed on me as I want the 150mbps speed.
> Sorry to all who were using it, but yeah there it is.

Was this a DMCA takedown related to bittorrent traffic? When I ran an
exit, I had a lot of luck with this policy:

Basically restricting yourself to core internet services reduces the
chances that bittorrent clients choose a port from the policy. With a
1Gbit exit and that policy, I went from 60 DMCA notices a day down to 0
over the life of the exit (about 3 years).

Unless something new is happening? Did the complaint(s) give specifics
about the location and type of infringing content that was accessed?

More services are always better. I've been thinking about making that
policy into a torrc option, so it would be useful to know if the
situation has changed.

Mike Perry

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