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Re: [tor-talk] Did Australian Authorities hack (US) computers with Tor's help?

On 2016-08-21 10:18 AM, Cannon wrote:
On 08/21/2016 01:06 AM, Chris wrote:
Microsoft Windows is a threat to your security. All proprietary software
is a threat. Intel and AMD are a threat to your security. There is
remote control functionality built into every Intel and AMD CPU since
2009 and 2013

USA technology is garbage. By default dont trust any tech company based
out of the USA. I am not anti-armican, I just dont let patriotism blind
me to reality of the world.

It would be naive to think that only the US government or American companies are compromising our security and privacy. We have knowledge of the Chinese backdooring home-grown systems based on ARM through keyboard controller firmware and there have also been public statements about such things being required in recent years (in response to US actions).

Russia and Germany appear to be aware of problems with US processors as they've stopped using x86 technology in certain places or funded projects that deal with some of these issues. Where do you think the funding to get CoreBoot for X86 came from on the Lenovos years ago? LibreBoot which is completely free (meaning the complete sources are available) is based off that work. Russia has moved to using typewriters for security reasons and started designing its own CPUs too.

Now I don't have an example of Iran or North Korea doing anything technologically as far as computers go- but in other areas they've clearly demonstrated an understanding that for security reasons they can't be dependent on foreign designed technology (particularly given their opposition). These countries are designing all sorts of military hardware even where they might otherwise be able to obtain such hardware from friendly countries (to them, tanks, etc).

A start to securing our systems has to come from gaining access to the complete set of source code for all core components. It's not feasible to design many of these components from scratch. The costs are astronomical (it'll cost millions of dollars just to design a CPU and get some samples made, and that doesn't include manufacturing it, testing it, or manufacturing it at a cost effective price point, without the numbers you won't succeed, and nobody will use it then, and that means it would be ridiculously expensive. To succeed you would have to prepay 100 million dollars to have a line dedicated to you such that the cost of the CPU drops to a point to be competitive on the market. This is why All Winner, one company designing CPUs has been successful, because if you get just a 100 CPUs manufactured 50% or more of those will not work, but if you have a line dedicated to manufacturing your CPU then they can keep adjusting the machinery and over a six month period the production results improve. Now you don't have to throw away 50% of the CPUs because they are defective. Now you get to keep 95% of the CPUs. All Winner has large quantities of its CPUs manufactured over a sixth month period and then maintains a large stock of CPUs that are sold over many years This is what makes All Winner's CPUs so ridiculously cheap and competitive on the market. Comparatively companies like AMD and Intel can't do that short of switching architectures and that will mean these companies lose there compatibility advantage. Eventually in the not so distant future you will be able to buy a non-Intel/AMD CPU that is faster for less money. Intel already can't produce its CPUs at a profit and remain competitive.

There are also very few companies or countries for that matter capable of manufacturing the core components- like CPUs and wifi chips. For any given core technology we have at best 5-6 companies capable of it. Every other technology company then licenses the tech and has these companies manufacture those core components for them. Companies like Microsoft, Apple, and Dell don't manufacture anything. Not really. At best they might have some people making already developed technology pretty. Companies like Intel, AMD, Qualcomm Atheros, Samsung, and similar do have design capabilities and sometimes manufacturing capabilities for these types of core components. However even these companies whom are designing these components don't always have sufficient facilities to do the production or any for that matter. AMD doesn't manufacture anything for example. Intel is now manufacturing other companies CPUs (Intel is losing money and is losing face due technological failures that prevent it from advancing its CPUs at competitive prices, and we're seeing that already at a cost level, even if the prices sold at are competitive at the moment).

Both US and UK citizens are working on free'ing us of hostile Chinese and US technology/backdoors. Go check it out here: https://www.crowdsupply.com/eoma68

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