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Re: [tor-talk] Censorship on this list

pa011 wrote:
I know of someone who believes there is a censorship on this list.

So could the moderator of the list please answer whether this is the case?
If so, what are the rules for it apart from a bad stomach feeling?
If there are - where are they published please?

So I've been doing most of the moderating this summer. I assume you're referring to Zenaan's posts being moderated (he's not currently banned), as he was moderated yesterday and has since made threads on another list about it.

There aren't any particular rules except to be on-topic, but I would add that being persistently insulting or inflammatory is a great way to get banned [2]. Having said that, I don't think Tor is above reproach (quite the opposite, we should always carefully consider/critique the tools we support). But being conscientious of the fact that humans make the software goes a long way.

To sum up, if your post is:
- on-topic [1]
- conscientious (remember that humans make the software you use)
- not insulting or inflammatory
- not copypasta

then you aren't at risk of moderation or ban-hammering. If it's off-topic, inflammatory, insulting, *and* they got it off a blog, then they should probably take it elsewhere.

hope that clarifies things,

[1] "all discussion about theory, design, and development of Onion Routing" https://lists.torproject.org/cgi-bin/mailman/listinfo/tor-talk [2] There are only so many times one can hear "But what if this is just a vast multinational conspiracy with dozens of actors and not one guy who is The Actual Worst?!" before the ban hammer comes out.

Accept what you cannot change, and change what you cannot accept.
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